Wednesday, April 17, 2013

picture diary 17 - 21

today's dinner is curry rice, our favorite.. 1. fry small pieces of potato and carrot.. 2. fry small pieces of chicken breast .. 3. boil all in the water.. 4. add curry powder(must be from korea!) and stir well 5. and pour on the rice.. and enjoy it.

3 of us were running in the busy street and shouting 'dimsum1!' 'dimsum2!!' and 'dimsum3!!!' one by one..then woke up from this dream.. it was funny and I feel to eat dimsum (Mandu in korean)

all day so strong wind, then no electricity in the whole village when getting dark.. put many candles everywhere and we drank irish whiskey 'Jameson' to soothe the cold.

good bye our Land Rover .. Thank you for your support ! we swapped this full rusted car for the small cute van.

here very stormy weather.. but tomorrow we will be in California so we don't forget to prepare our swimsuit .. put well between books.

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