Monday, April 22, 2013

picture diary 81

I received a notice that a parcel which I thought was lost has been sent back to Paris..
 so called Francis in Ireland quickly and he called Joel in Paris.. 
then Joel went to pick it up.. all done in 1 hour.. thanks Francis and Merci Joel !
 I will visit you in Paris in June..

picture diary 80

I went to the cinema to watch the new film from Hong Sangsoo.. 
well.. the same like how I was about 20 years ago : 
I drank like that, I was crazy like that, I loved like that, I understood like that, I fell a sleep like that..

picture diary 79

It had been a while since i didn't see his face.. 
he sent by email a picture of him with the vintage polaroid sign he bought on ebay.. 
I said nice blue from his eyes, his shirt and the sign..

picture diary 78

 I drew a wall painting of the polpo (octopus in Italian) which reached till behind the small wall..

picture diary 77

I was walking, then took a taxi, because I had to carry too many things.. 
the taxi driver said my walking looks so refreshing that it woke him up.. 
never heard such a nice praise like that about my walking before..

picture diary 76

I'm making the sign by myself for the new restaurant from my brother and his wife.. 
screen printing on metal sheet.. for drying it needs to be heated with fire..

picture diary 75

My brother was making coffee all day to get used to the new coffee machine.. 
he was smelling coffee when he came back home

picture diary 74

The man came to change the marguee around our house on the second floor.. 
he was working on the long ladder between the wall and the house like a juggler in a circus..

picture diary 73

The wall was really hard.. It took all day long to drill holes for the screws.. 
we could hang 5 shelves so far 
and realized afterwards that we should have used a hammer driller for this work

picture diary 72

1 am.. while working we had baked potatoes and ginger ale which my sister-in-law prepared..

picture diary 71

Bangsan market in Ulgiro 
(famous old style area about printing and thousands shops selling all kinds of materials).. 
I climbed dark and narrow steps to the second floor in the really really old building and came across the small screen printing shop..
 the man doing screen printing for 20 years mixed for me the exact colour I wanted..

picture diary 70

another busy tiring day.. we ate noodles at the chinese restaurant for dinner.. 
and reminded ourselves to be persons who can admit mistakes right away..

picture diary 69

 A flower market on the 3rd floor in a big building..
 I walked with my sister between flowers..

picture diary 68

we will put on the white wall with many things.. 
old kitchen utensils, vintage cook books and special objects.. 
we measured with ruler for shelves.

picture diary 67

all afternoon I walked around my home town to look shop signs in the street..

picture diary 66

0 new chairs arrived.. I stopped working and sat for a while..

picture diary 65

 I haven't seen my niece for a long time.. She showed me what she did so far at the kindergarten.. 
she choose the number 3 (smell from foot) for the question "what is your favourite smell?" .. 
yes, everyone has a different taste.

picture diary 64

 new place, big cleaning.. wearing a mask is necessary.

picture diary 63

When I woke up I found that my brother locked the main door from outside and left.. 
he forgot I'm back home..

picture diary 62

sister-in-law: food and books.. my brother: wine and coffee .. 
my sister: cake and desert.. me: design.. first family meeting for new project

picture diary 61

 I woke up at 2 pm.. my brother and sister-in-law prepared a typical good korean food for me.. 
rice, bean soup, pork, vegetables and many different small foods..

picture diary 60

 I arrived in seoul saturday afternoon.. streets were full of people.. 
so I realized very well I was back in this big city.

picture diary 59

on the way back to Seoul alone.. at the security check in Dublin Airport, 
they asked to open my hand luggage
 and I found the sweet card which he put in my suit case secretly..

picture diary 58

there are a few big books which have to be done by the two of us..
 before I leave Achill we made a few copies of big books together. 
we are great team !

picture diary 57

40 boxes. and 80 times glueing.. 
he called me 'glue master' .. yes I'm 10 times faster than he is

picture diary 56

It was a too busy day.. 
in the evening quietly I could sit at the table and could make Kimbab (seaweed and rice) for our dinner.

picture diary 55

after 2 weeks, finally we managed to leave our island. many things we had to do.. 
going to the landfill, the supermarket, the bank, a second hand shop, the truck company to buy a tarpaulin cover, a few antique shops, our stationery shop.. 
finally we could have the first meal at 5 pm in a cafe in Westport.

picture diary 54

sunday morning.. after taking pictures somewhere in the island we arrived home.. 
and we stayed in the car untill Vivaldi's song finished on the radio. 
some special feeling, the moment.

picture diary 53

 We went to take pictures to a small harbour. 
There was an empty case for a ring buoy and a small sticker on it which is written 'A Stolen Ring buoy - A Stolen Life'

picture diary 52

for the first time this year we saw a sheep feeding her baby in the garden.. 
we were so surprised because we never seen a baby sheep so early.. 
so winter is going and spring is coming like this..

picture diary 51

I'm making a small tiny accordion book.. 'octopus's kitchen', screen printed in 169 copies. 
It is quite hard to do the numbering with the automatic stamp.

Friday, April 19, 2013

picture diary 50

 I cut his hair in the garden. It has the best view for cutting hair.. 
it was warm with a cool breeze and the sea was shining..

picture diary 49

since a few days there were beautiful sunny days.. It happens not so often here in Achill. 
All day long we hang our duvet outside.. 
I could smell the sunshine from the duvet.

picture diary 48

 we walked on our beach for the first time since we are back in Achill island.. 
nobody was there and it was so calm. 
He said 'I like when I can listen to every single small wave'

picture diary 47

 first full moon in this year.. I saw the moon floating above the neighbour's house.. 
I made a wish upon the full moon.

picture diary 46

 We heard about a 'massive car boot sale'.. So we run there with excitement.. 
We bought a hoover, a type writer, binoculars, 2 polaroid cameras, vintage cups, a lamp, car seat covers, a candle holder, books, cds, old plate and acrylic paints.. 
all for about 40 euro.

picture diary 45

started screen printing for next book project.. working for 5 hours makes me good tired.

picture diary 44

no electricity at all in Achill island since early morning.. 
all day listening the 'Midwest Radio' our local radio channel on our polaroid transistor 
which is working with the battery from the used film pack. 
when it was getting dark the only thing we could do was book binding with candle light.

picture diary 43

Now I'm doing some commercial work : design about octopuses.. 
all day these animals don't leave me..

picture diary 42

I can drive only an automatic car, so I started to learn how to drive a manual transmission car.
 It is not so easy for me. Before going to practice he said 'don't get me nervous' but I don't care..
 just said 'let's go to make you mad!'

picture diary 41

many parcels we received but also many parcels we had to send.. 
we put all parcels in our small van and went to 2 different post offices.. 
Keel and Achill sound.

picture diary 40

our bathroom full with books.. I couldn't wash my hair since last thursday when I left San Francisco.. This morning I could.. It never happens to me not to wash my hair for 3 days..

picture diary 39

I fall asleep 12 am last night and woke up 6 pm this evening.. 
When I saw the night was coming behind the window, 
I confused.. should I stay in the bed or not..

picture diary 38

 san francisco - minneapoils (about 4 hours) / Minneapolis - Amsterdam (about 9 hours) / Amsterdam - Dublin (about 2 hours) / Dublin - Achill island (about 5 hours)
We are totally exhausted..

picture diary 37

 Finally we back to home, Achill island. 
We had to open so many parcels before unpack our suitcases..
 over 20 parcels and 50 letters..

picture diary 36

 our plane in Minneapolis had some problems before flying to Amsterdam. 
We thought that we might stay in Minneapolis for the valentine's day unexpectedly .. 
but 3 technicians solved problems.

picture diary 35

when i woke up in the morning he whispered that 'happy valentine' .. 
it was sweet but i had to say to him 'valentine's day is tomorrow not today' .. 
we just laughed a lot.

picture diary 34

The weather channel from U.S.A.. can't take my eyes off that.. 
snow storm, rain, tornado, wind, rain, cloud, pressure and temperature.. 
we watch this channel till falling asleep..

picture diary 33

early in the morning at the union square I saw this guy in green jacket and pink high heels.. 
He(she) was beautiful even looks like forgot to shave..
 I think life is enough with that beauty sometimes..

picture diary 32

The golden gate bridge and the cable car.. these are just San Francisco.. 
and the smell of freedom from every corner of the streets...